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Superb Land Development and Irrigation Services and Products


Farm Design, Development, and Consulting

  • Smart Acre Solutions offers an overview development of existing or new farm acreage to maximize crop yield and production for their clients. Utilizing multiple resources, Smart Acre Solutions, works closely with farmers and land owners to create preliminary farmland designs and budgets producing solutions for highest production and land value. We can provide full farm designs, budgets, and ROI in some cases without ever stepping onto the farm if you are looking to purchase farmland.

Surveying/Land Grading

  • Utilizing the latest GPS technology Smart Acre Solutions offers surveying, field design and precision land grading. Whether single field projects are large farm development we offer land grading solutions for any size project. With 40+ years of combined experience in surveying and land grading we can offer solutions for all types of farming practices.

Excavator work

  • Smart Acre Solutions offers excavator services for clearing land, improving and maintaining drainage, as well as other dirt work. These services include clearing and grubbing trees, digging new ditches and maintaining old ditches, and digging ponds.

Pump Installation and Repairs

  • Smart Acre Solutions offers many different options for irrigation pump installation for both surface water and ground water applications. From vertical line turbine pumps, centrifugal pump units, submersible pumps, and pto relift pumps we can design a pumping solutions for your application. For surface water applications such as rivers, bayous, and reservoirs we customize a pump solution that will offer the highest efficiency and longevity and most cost effective. Smart Acre Solutions also repairs and services all types of irrigation pumps.

Center Pivot Installation and Repair

  • Smart Acre Solutions offers full system design and installation for all applications of center pivot irrigation. We can design a center pivot solution for any size field or farm to ensure maximum acreage coverage with the highest efficiency. We are capable of servicing all name brand pivots and carry a full inventory of basic parts for the most common pivots in our supporting area. We also provide off-season maintenance to ensure your equipment is fully functional for the irrigation season.

Underground pipeline installation and Repair

  • Smart Acre Solutions utilizes the latest technology in software to design and install underground pipelines. Figuring in distance, flow rate, elevations, and friction loss in fittings we are able to design the highest efficient and most cost pipelines for you project. With the use of GPS and laser systems all pipelines are installed on grade, based on the lay of the land, to ensure no air pockets, major elevation changes, and maintain adequate amount of cover over pipelines to meet NRCS specifications. We can also repair any pipeline issue you may have with longevity being the highest priority.

Drainage and Water Control

  • Poor drainage on a farm can cause major yield loss and can even cause issues where areas in fields cannot be put into production. Whether it’s basic field drainage or complete farm drainage we have a solution to solve your issue. We can offer multiple water control structures for water management in rice fields, pond, or duck holes.

Polypipe Design

  • Irrigation efficiency is a major issue throughout our area especially when it comes to furrow and flood irrigation. There are major water savings as well as major money savings with increasing efficiency with furrow irrigation. Smart Acre Solutions offers a service of designing poly pipe for furrow and flood irrigation with the use of Delta Plastic’s Pipe Planner software. As part of this service we can flow check your water source, survey elevation on the water pads where the poly pipe will lay, and use Pipe Planner to generate a computerized hole size selection for adequate and uniform furrow irrigation as well as side inlet flood irrigation for rice production. This service will ensure no busted poly pipe, minimum runoff, increase efficiency, and provide an irrigation schedule to increase efficiency.

Pumping Plant Efficiency Testing

  • Pumping plant efficiency is something that typically gets overlook on farming operations but an inefficient system can be very costly over years of operating. Smart Acre Solutions offers a service of testing your pumping plant efficiency. This includes looking pump size, flow rates, fuel consumption, and horse power to determine the efficiency of your pumping plant. We will then offer solutions for increasing efficiency and estimated cost savings over a period of time.


Zimmatic Center Pivots

Zimmatic by Lindsay center pivot irrigation systems are designed so that you can use it for both small and large fields. Its modular design allows Lindsay to customize the configurations for longer systems, saving cost and special heights for taller crops, such as sugar cane or tree crops.

The pivots are designed for specific climatic, topographical, and cropping conditions. It can operate in deserts, flood plains, flat land and rolling hills, and on a variety of crops.

We offer various Zimmatic products, including:

  • 9500P
  • 8500P
  • 7500P
  • 7500WD
  • Mobile Pivots


Gain fast and easy access to your entire irrigation operation with FieldNET® by Lindsay. As your fully integrated wireless management tool, this device lets you view and control your systems from virtually anywhere.

With FieldNET®, it can help you have less time in the field, less spent on valuable resources, and greater control of your operation. Some products included are pivots and laterals, intelligent pump controls, drip/micro irrigation control, and plug and play add-ons.

PVC Fittings

  • Soileau Industries manufactures the highest quality PVC fittings manufactured locally in Louisiana. Smart Acre Solutions has a very close and long working relationship with Soileau Industries that started in the 80s. Soileau Industries offers a wide range of PVC fittings for irrigation, drainage, and municipal applications and can customize just about anything PVC.
  • IPS Fittings
  • PIP Fittings
  • Drainage Fittings
  • Surface Fittings
  • Well Casing Fittings


  • Smart Acre Solutions offers PVC irrigation pipe and culverts. We handle underground PIP pipe in all sizes from 6”-36”, SCH 40 pipe 6”-16”, and low pressure surface pipe. We also handle black HDPE corrugated, PVC A-2000 corrugated, and metal corrugated culvert and drainage pipe.

Delta Plastics Polypipe

  • Delta Plastics is the leading manufacturer and supplier of irrigation polytube for the agriculture industry. Their products are used to efficiently irrigate a variety of crops, including corn, beans, rice, cotton, sugar cane and other crops. Smart Acre Solutions keeps an inventory of 12”-18” polytubing as well as variety of accessories.

Conservation and Technology

  • Soil Moisture sensor offer a benchmark to monitoring plant water use and provide vital information for when and how much to water. Aquacheck soil moisture sensors are high quality volumetric probes equipped with six sensors in a single probe to provide moisture readings at different depths.
  • Soft Start and VFD electric panels increase efficiency for electric pumps by controlling the motors speed to only use the amount of energy necessary to perform the pumping requirements. VFD allows for pressure and flow regulations as variable change throughout a pipeline.
  • AgSense Telemetry is a very user friendly and cost effective remote monitoring and control system on the market. We offer AgSense units with our soil moisture sensors to remotely monitor and update data real time to the AgSense user friendly app. These units are cost competitive with any other monitoring system on the market. AgSense also offers a line of pump and pivot control units for any of your remote monitoring needs.

Power Units/ Generators

  • Isuzu engines are some of the highest efficient, durable, and most technological advance diesel engines on the market. Smart Acre Solutions has power units to fit your application and can customize power units with a trailer, fuel, jacks, and other accessories.
  • Smart Acre Solutions also carries generator sets for pumps and pivots where electricity is not accessible. These include side mounted generators to mount on your power unit for pivot applications.

Pumps and Accessories

Smart Acre Solutions offers a variety of high quality pumps and accessories.

  • Vertical Line Shaft Pumps
  • Submersible pumps
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • PTO relift pumps
  • Electric motors both VHS and submersible motors
  • Electric Pump Panels
  • VFD Panels
  • Gear Drives
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